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Tucker on Chopper.png
"This is my ride. The aliens gave it to me as a gift. Pretty fuckin' cool."
"Did they give you driving lessons too?"
"No, we kinda skipped that part. But it looks awesome."
—Tucker in Think You Know Someone

First seen at the end of Hang Time, the Chopper was a vehicle given to Tucker by aliens for his job. He claims that they skipped the driving lessons on it, and that it looks awesome. In the desert two of C.T.'s excavation team members are about to use a rocket launcher to kill Caboose, Sarge, and Grif as their warthog stalled, Tucker jumps off a large sand dune hoping to land on them. He ends up just missing them. After Caboose blows them up, Tucker chases down C.T. and ends up destroying C.T.'s jeep with his energy sword.

It was seen again in Revelation, when Tucker used it to try and escape from the Aliens. Unfortunately for him, it ran out of gas, and he was forced to leave it behind, to try and escape on foot.

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