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"This is the audio recording of Dr. Emily Grey, number 05519. Upon arriving at the excavation site, I made several observations. One; there’s a large alien structure protruding from the ground and extending into the sky. Two; it’s nice and sunny out today and I love it! End log."
Emily Grey in Tourist Trap

This Charon Excavation Site was formerly occupied by Charon Industries until the New Republic and Federal Army of Chorus captured it, with the help of the Reds and Blues. The site also serves as the location of the Temple of Arms. The location first appeared in Tourist Trap.

Role in Plot[]

Reds and Blues at Temple.png

After Carolina and Epsilon discover a temple nearby Charon Research Complex 2C, Emily Grey, Tucker, Sarge, and Caboose go to investigate. When the four find that the site is abandoned they make their way towards the alien temple, where Dr. Grey attempts to transcribe some text on the structure's walls. Tucker, in the meantime, inadvertently activates the temple, causing multiple alien weapons and vehicles to appear. After an alien voice speaks to the group, Tucker responds with "What's up?", causing the temple to shut down. Soon afterward, the temple emits a map specifying coordinates to a location.

The temple's exterior, activating.

In All or Nothing, Kimball suggests using the weaponry and vehicles found at the temple to storm the Communication Temple, which this plan was put into fruition in Great Destroyers. This plan would later prove successful, after the New Republic and Federal Army of Chorus shortly defeat the Space Pirates, and a few Mantises.


  • The excavation site is represented by the Halo 4 map, "Ravine," while the exterior of the temple is represented by the map "Complex".

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