Your gonna help me kill the director
"I told you when I went through the gateway that I saw the Freelancers... I had to watch them die... And after they were gone, I saw all of you. ...Wash, Tucker, the Reds and.... Church, I can't lose another family."
—Carolina explaining what she saw at the Jungle Temple to Epsilon in The Thin Fed Line

Carolina has a number of complex relationships primarily with the Freelancers and the Reds and Blues. At first, she didn't trust the Reds and Blues and saw them as worthless idiots. However, she warms up to them as they work together to find the Director and by the end of Season 10, she considers them as friends. It's even revealed that in Season 13, Carolina considers the group as a family and her greatest fear is to witness them die.

Blue TeamEdit

Although initially, her relationship was slightly better with the Blues than the Reds, Carolina still saw them as fools and had little respect towards them. However, with Epsilon's aid, she began to warm up to them. Due to her close connections with Washington and Church, Carolina is often associated closer with Blue Team


Carolina and Caboose

At first, Carolina clearly disliked him and has no qualms about threatening him. When Caboose misinterprets her threat, Carolina gets angry and shoots some explosives behind him, asking if he can understand that, showing that she has no respect for his intellect (or lack of). Later, in the desert, when Caboose tells her about what they did with the Monitor, she is furious that they just discarded such an important piece of equipment. Carolina only seems to see him as a means to an end in her revenge against the Director. She starts to warm up to Caboose, along with the rest of the Reds and Blues when they come to her rescue in True Colors, and may even began to somewhat like them, as in Don't Say It, when she inquires about what will happen to them. She now considers Caboose family and in Crash Site Crashers, when Caboose was about to be assassinated by a space pirate, Carolina uses her speed boost to save him despite an already injured leg.

Though she still gets a little annoyed with his antics in later seasons, Carolina does display some sort of positive relationship with Caboose. In Season 15 in particular, she is shown to look out for him more and somewhat acts as a protective big sister towards him. In Previously On, she was present when Caboose tried to tame the 'dinosaurs' and in Blue vs Blue, Carolina once again saves Caboose from being attacked despite her weakened state, showing she is willing to protect him even at the risk of her own well-being. Like many members of the Reds and Blues, Carolina often treats Caboose much like a mentally challenged younger brother, specifically when the topic of Epsilon's death was breached by Dylan Andrews, calling it a "sensitive" topic. Given their shared sense of loss, it is likely Carolina treads lightly when speaking of Church around Caboose regarding this subject.


Carolina and Tucker S12E14

Carolina initially disliked Tucker, as she shot at him for spying on her and Wash's conversation in What's the "I" Stand For?, as well as for his constant Bow-Chicka-Bow-Wow statements. Tucker continued to try and hit on her, but she coldly rebuffs his advances. Later, in Out of Body, when Caboose tells her about what he and Tucker did with the Monitor, she became furious at the fact that they just discarded such an important piece of equipment. Tucker soon grew a mutual dislike for Carolina. When she reveals that she planned to use the Blood Gulch Crew as cannon fodder to kill the Director, Tucker became outraged and furiously called her a psycho to her face. Carolina shows her lack of empathy towards him when she threatened to kill him if he didn't cooperate.

Carolina and Tucker S12

Despite this animosity between the two, Tucker is the first to decide to help her and Epsilon on their mission after a speech from Doc in Reckless, and even saves her from two robotic Tex drones in True Colors. These actions strengthened the two's relationship. Interestingly enough, in Season 12, Carolina was willing to act as a distraction for Tucker's plan to stop the Space Pirates in Fed vs. New. Carolina appears to be beginning to find many of Tucker's antics entertaining, amused by his victory dance in front of the space pirates in Capital Assets and, in an attempt to 'loosen up' in Along Came a Spider, even tried to use Tucker's catchphrase, which made Tucker feel violated.

Tucker and Carolina S15E21

In Season 15, Carolina joined a band with Tucker, Caboose, and Grif, indicating she has finally learned to loosen up around them. Further evidence of this, around Tucker in particular, is displayed in Blue vs Blue; after Carolina collapses trying to save Caboose, she asks Tucker to help her up with a barely suppressed chuckle. This is an extreme contrast to her past self, who would barely ask for assistance from her Freelancer colleagues, much less a simulation trooper. In the same episode, Tucker displays extreme concern for Carolina after she collapses from exhaustion. Due to their adventures together and Tucker's rise to the same caliber of soldier as her and Wash, it is likely that Carolina has come to respect Tucker as an equal friend and partner. Given her newly found sense of humor, Carolina is comfortable enough to make a fool of herself in front of Tucker and the others.


Although the two have not had any direct interaction with each other, Church seemed to be aware of Carolina's existence. Church mentioned her name to Tex in Biting the Hand and in Reconstruction, Church asked Delta about Carolina's condition on handling two A.I.s in her head. When the Reds and Blues receive a distress beacon from what appears to be Church in Previously On, Carolina wonders if it is the original Alpha AI (the original Church), somehow surviving the EMP blast, showing that while the two have not met personally, she does seem to care about him, though this may be because of her attachment to Epsilon, who was, in a manner of speaking, Church's reincarnation.


Carolina and Epsilon

Carolina and Epsilon have grown to have a very close and strong relationship with each other. Originally, however, Carolina and Epsilon had no trust in each other whatsoever, despite the former rescuing the latter from the Epsilon Unit. Epsilon questioned why she was alive and later tried to spy on her with Tucker in What's the "I" Stand For?, but she soon shot at him after he compared her to Tex. Later on, Epsilon convinced the Reds and Blues not to trust Carolina, but after speaking to her in Out of Mind and being able to empathize with her experience of "chasing ghosts" they became more friendly to each other.

Carolinaandepsilon 22 2

Carolina thanked him for showing her memories of Delta and York, and she even makes a joke, breaking her cold, wrathful, and angry persona. She even goes as far as to implant him in her armor. Carolina soon starts confiding in Epsilon her insecurity about not being able to beat Tex, in which Epsilon regularly consoles her. During their confrontation with the Director, Carolina convinces Epsilon, as well as herself, to let go of his hatred towards the Director, with Epsilon thanking her later on.

Carolina and Epsilon at LZ

After the Reds and Blues crash land on Chorus, Carolina and Epsilon discover a transmission of stolen Freelancer equipment and agree to do some good by regaining it. By working together, the two manage to gain back several pieces of Freelancer equipment and, in turn, grow a stronger bond, with Epsilon even referring to Carolina as 'sis'. While Carolina normally maintains a professional attitude around Epsilon, she, when worried about him or confiding in him, drops this formality and calls him 'Church'. Carolina also seems to open up to Church more compared to the other Reds and Blues.

Carolina and Epsilon S12E11

Their relationship continues to develop throughout Season 13, despite the war putting a strain on them. After Epsilon's failure in Dish Best Served, the two had an emotional conversation about their situation. Epsilon voiced his concerns about Carolina's increasing need for power, telling her that she is pushing him to his limits. Carolina revealed to him about her vision in the gateway and how she didn't want to lose the Reds and Blues like she lost the Freelancers. Before fragmenting himself in The End, Epsilon left Carolina an undisclosed message, informing her of why he had to go.

Following the Reds and Blues' retirement on a distant moon, Carolina expressed deep hurt and sorrow when discussing Epsilon, showing that his sacrifice had profoundly wounded her emotionally. It is likely that his loss affected her so due to him having been the last tie she had to her parents, as Epsilon was the memory unit of Alpha, and consequently her father. In a sense, Epsilon was the last tie she had to her family from her childhood.


Wash & Carolina 2.0

Carolina and Wash seem to share somewhat of a brother-sister type relationship, as Carolina is almost constantly looking out for him, and Wash respects her skills and intelligence. She trusted Wash enough to take over York's duty as a lockpick before he returned from the medical wing. Wash seems very comfortable around her, even being able to joke about her combat skills as just "showing off." Carolina also saved his life twice; first from being incinerated by a flamethrower in The Sarcophagus, and second from a nuke when he didn't use his jetpack for fear of ending up like Georgia in Turbulence.

Washington Facing Off Carolina - S10

During their flight towards the Longshore Shipyards, Carolina joined York in teasing Wash about his helmet getting rid of his vomit, to which Wash calls them "assholes". During a present day segment of Season 10, they are seen conversing at the Wind Power Facility about the Reds and Blues, and despite Wash defending them, and saying that they almost captured Meta during Reconstruction there, she coldly replies that they ultimately didn't. When she decides to leave for an island, Wash voices his concern about the situation, but Carolina pleads him to trust her.


In all capacities, however, Carolina does care about Wash and mentions him as one of the reasons for revenge against the Director. However, the two Freelancers have very different opinions about their courses of action, and Carolina's zealous attitude towards the mission along with her disrespect for the Reds and Blues annoys Wash. When Carolina starts to throw a tantrum over a dead end, Wash sternly reminds her that they knew their chances of finding anything were slim. Carolina stares him down, declaring that she would see the mission completed. Wash obeys and leaves, despite his obvious resentment.

Wash and Carolina Star Wars

Carolina clearly doesn't understand Wash's loyalty towards the Reds and Blues as she is visibly shocked when Wash points his gun at her and demand that she stand down. Carolina becomes remorseful and hurt when Wash expresses his disappointment with her decisions. When the Reds and Blues return to help her fight off the Tex copies, Wash orders her to get up. Carolina is surprised that Wash came back for her and is clearly happy to see him. During the Chorus Trilogy, Carolina is shown to trust Wash and his combat skills as the two are regularly shown fighting alongside each other throughout. Although, Carolina still scolds Wash for his mess-ups and Wash still treats Carolina as his leader.

Carolina and Wash hold hands

Carolina and Wash's relationship grows more intimate in Season 15. During a venture to a beach in search of Agent Illinois in Battlescars, Carolina expresses to Wash about her aspirations of having wanted to start a new life after Project Freelancer, possibly with York, but feels it's too late. Carolina then attempts to throw away York's Lighter but Wash stops her and explains that she still has time. The two then hold hands and stare at the ocean view, until Wash ruins the moment by asking her to take off her armor in order to activate their tracking beacons. During the exchange, Carolina addresses Wash as "David", the latter's real name, something she has never demonstrated with any other Freelancer, not even York. This, along with the fact she remembers Wash's true name years after Project Freelancer, emphasizes just how close the two have become. Following the defeat of the Blues and Reds, Carolina was overjoyed in learning that Wash had made a full recovery at General Donald Doyle Memorial Hospital on Chorus following Locus' intervention at Desert Gulch. She later took a ride back to Chorus with the Chorus lieutenants to check on Wash at the hospital. 

During Wash's recovery from his injuries, Carolina described him to Dr. Grey as the strongest Freelancer in terms of his spirit, as Wash has been shown to bounce back from almost everything he's ever been subjected to. However, Carolina is terrified of revealing to Wash that his injuries have left him a "broken man" as a result of his injuries leaving him with severe brain damage. This intense fear of further breaking Wash shows the immense depth of Carolina's feelings for Wash, as seldom anything has been demonstrated to scare her to this extent. 

When Carolina revealed to Wash the extent of his injuries due to having had his brained starved of oxygen for several minutes, Wash verbally lashed out in anger at her. His rage at her for having kept the extent of his injuries secret from him caused him to walk away in sullen anger and betrayal. Carolina was speechless as he turned away, likely having suffered immense hurt at watching Wash turn his back on her. Carolina's unusual display of emotion when breaking the truth to Wash showed the great extent to which she cares for him, as very few events have been shown elicit such deep pain from her. Later on, once almost every paradox has been repaired, Wash has a moment with Carolina where they enjoy the view of the ocean and trading jabs about her madcap AI siblings. This is because Carolina says he is like a brother and Wash jokes because is it because she can't get rid of him easily and says that as her siblings were like madcap AIs he prefers friends. This indicates that their relationship may not necessarily be as siblings or fully platonic. He informs her of his intent to repair the original paradox, thus coming to peace with his brain damaged state for the sake of the universe and everyone in it. Carolina tries to convince him otherwise to no avail. He then tells Carolina that he loves her, and she in turn admits that she loves him. 


Tex and Carolina

Tex has arguably had the biggest impact on Carolina's personality and overall character. While Tex had no interactions with Carolina initially, Carolina, along with many other Freelancers, watched Tex attentively. Carolina seemed to be suspicious and possibly intimidated of Tex due to her extreme skill against Wyoming, York, and Maine, and her special treatment after the battle. Carolina later confronts Tex in The Sarcophagus, and questions why she was sent on the mission. During the episode Spiral, the two Freelancers race each other on the city streets in an attempt to recover the briefcase, indicating a clear rivalry between the two. When Tex takes the credit for Carolina's efforts to recover the briefcase, she taunts her by saying "better luck next time" to exemplify their hostility.

Carolina and Tex argue

In the aftermath of the mission, Carolina loses her no. 1 position on the Freelancer leaderboard to Tex, no doubt leaving her with an even less positive relationship with her. When Tex first appeared in Season 10, Carolina reacted with animosity and immediately charged into enemy fire. York commented that their enemies were "not [the ones Carolina was] fighting against." Despite their differences, Carolina was willing to work with Tex to get into the Leader's bunker. When Tex fatally wounds C.T., Carolina angrily scolds her for killing a teammate, though Tex reminds her that C.T. is a traitor and scolds Carolina for letting the Leader and C.T. escape.


Tex has proven on numerous occasions that her abilities far exceed Carolina's, putting the latter in a state of inferiority and self-doubt. Tex never seemed to acknowledge Carolina as a rival, viewing her in the same way she saw the other Freelancers. Carolina was frustrated over the fact that she could never match up to Tex and was willing to do anything to prove that she was stronger. Because of this, Carolina abused the A.I. implantation process by demanding for two A.I. constructs, causing Wash and South's implantation to be pushed back, and neglected those who tried to help her through her struggles, specifically York.

Tex vs Carolina

In the present, Carolina acts violently when Epsilon compares the two of them, in attitude or skill. She even goes so far as to state that she hated Tex for her skills. Eventually, it is revealed that Carolina has a slight inferiority complex towards Tex, believing she was better than her. But upon talking to Epsilon about this, and the latter explaining that if Tex was the best she would be the one alive, Carolina seemed to be starting to let go of her animosity. When she faces off against the Director's army of Tex drones, she furiously attacks using everything around her to her full advantage, even ignoring Epsilon's protests and well being. When she is knocked down and injured, Carolina breaks down and laments that she can never beat Tex. However, with the assistance of the Reds and Blues, Carolina overcomes this and finally beats her rival.

Her current feelings on Tex are unknown but it is possible Carolina has a newfound respect for her. When she enters the portal in Test Your Might, she had to watch her worst fear: the Freelancers' deaths. And the first Freelancer she saw upon entering the portal was Tex.

Despite their animosity, Tex was known to care greatly about Carolina. This may be due to the fact that Tex's template was Carolina's mother, Allison. As many A.I. have been known to possess residual memories of their human templates, it is possible that Tex's concern for Carolina was based off residual memories of Allison. In addition, Tex may also hold some guilt in being responsible for Carolina's "death", inflicted by the Meta.

Red TeamEdit

Originally, Carolina had no respect for the Reds, while the Reds were afraid she was going to use them as cannon fodder. However, she later warms up to them and realizes they were right about her vendetta.


Carolina supposed to be dead

Carolina has no clear opinion of Sarge, though originally declared him an idiot, along with the rest of the Reds and Blues. Sarge has a clear dislike for her, calling her "Miss Fussy-Britches" and bluntly refusing to sacrifice himself or his squad on account of her vendetta. However, after a speech from Doc, Sarge and the other Reds and Blues eventually rescue Carolina from the Tex Drones, and the two begin a new friendship.

Throughout the Chorus Civil War, Carolina works well with Sarge on multiple occasions. The two raid a Space Pirate Outpost together, with Carolina acting fondly to Sarge and Tucker's gloating.

After their retirement, Carolina witnesses Sarge's multiple attempts to find something to fight, wondering if she should intervene before something happens. During the Reds and Blues assault on Temple's volcanic base in Red vs Red, Carolina effectively calls out targets to Sarge whilst he pushes the attack in a Warthog.


Simmons and Carolina

Simmons seems to distrust Carolina, believing she will abandon them if they are in need of help or eliminate them to cover loose ends. When they returned to Valhalla, Simmons voices his concern about a UNSC ambush, remembering Wash's warning. Carolina is confused by this and simply tells them to stay put, much to Simmons' annoyance. Simmons' worst fears about Carolina are realized when she reveals her plan to use them as a distraction to get to the Director. However, after a falling out with her and Epsilon, Simmons decides to go and help her, saying they deserve a second chance, and worked with her, along with the rest of the Reds and Blues, to defeat an army of Tex Drones. When she rescues to the Reds and Blues in Cloak and Dagger, Simmons seems happy about her return.


Grif and Carolina

Like all the Reds and Blues, Grif was confused by Carolina's orders and doesn't hesitate to annoy Carolina with ridiculous excuses such as "snack breaks, bathroom breaks, and stopping to take pictures of funny road signs." He seemed to show no fear when Carolina advanced on him when he disobeyed her orders, hinting that he doesn't have much respect for her. The feeling seems to be mutual as Carolina has little respect for him and the other Reds and Blues as well, calling them "worthless idiots."

However, during True Colors, Carolina saves Grif from being fatally punched in the balls by three Tex-drones. Later in Season 12, she is far more cordial towards him, politely asking how he knew about the teleportation cubes, rather than bitterly such as in the past. However, when Grif accidentally shot at her in Catch Up, No Mustard, she stated she would break his fingers, scaring Grif. Despite this, Grif shows concern for Carolina in Armonia, Part 2 and later even serves as her mentor for laziness after they retired.


Donut hasn't had much interaction with Carolina, though he did save her from the army of Tex drones by throwing three plasma grenades at them.

After their retirement, Carolina comments on the stupidity of Donut dressing up as part of Sarge's attack on the "whites".


It is shown that Carolina greatly cared for her fellow Freelancers. However, due to jealousy, betrayal, and the manipulation within Project Freelancer, she lost them and wanted to avenge them by killing the Director.


York comforting Carolina

Carolina and York appear to share a caring relationship for each other. In Lifting the Veil, Carolina took great concern for York's injury, yelling at the medics to come to his aid as well. In Planning the Heist, she becomes relieved when York returns from the hospital, yet takes concern for his eye injury. On top of that, she seems to have a more kind and flattering tone around York than with the other Freelancers, as shown in The Sarcophagus. After falling into a coma due to her A.I. incident, York refuses to leave Carolina's side.

Carolina aims at York

In her final meeting with York, Carolina declines his offer to leave her current life behind and go with him. After defeating him in hand-to-hand combat, Carolina leaves his lighter with him as she goes after Texas.

In Out of Body, York's feelings for Carolina are directly implied. In Out of Mind, Carolina goes to York's final resting place and apologizes for not listening to him years earlier. It is revealed in this episode through various logs left by York, that he and Carolina knew each other prior to Project Freelancer, having first met up at Club Errera where she found him fiddling with his lighter which he gave to her at some point during his time at Freelancer. It is further implied that Carolina also had strong feelings for him. Carolina also appears to very much care for York and listed him as one of her primary reasons for taking down the Director.

When Carolina visits the gateway in Test Your Might, York is one of the Freelancers who Carolina sees, standing in the center of the group showing his importance to her.

Drinking Buddies S15

After her retirement, Carolina and Washington start investigating missing Freelancer agents. During a trip to find Illinois, Carolina remembers her time with York after finding a photo of them drinking together inside Illinois's hut. Carolina admits that York could've been her one way to a peaceful life that she threw away. After a personal conversation with Washington about moving forward, Carolina prepares to throw the lighter in the ocean before he stops her, telling Carolina that she can still keep her past to have a future, allowing her to move on from York whilst still keeping him very close to her heart.

North DakotaEdit

North and Carolina flying

Carolina and North seem to get along well, being able to fight alongside one another in Number One. After their mission, Carolina asks North if she can talk to South, after her rank is reduced on the Freelancer leaderboard, showing some concern. North tells her to "give her a minute".

A photograph owned by Agent Illinois showed Carolina drinking with York, North Dakota and Wyoming.

South DakotaEdit

South & Carolina 2.0

Carolina can be somewhat harsh to South at times. In Introductions, Carolina tells South to stop running her mouth for a minute, after her comment about Tex possibly taking her spot on the Freelancer leaderboard. South, at times, can also be hard on Carolina. In Follow the Leader, South made a sarcastic remark to Carolina during their brief conversation about the Insurrectionist Leader's whereabouts. Despite this, Carolina showed some concern for South when her rank on the leaderboard was lowered in Season 9. Additionally, Carolina listed both of the Dakotas as reasons for her thirst for revenge.

Maine/The MetaEdit

Carolina and Maine back to back

Carolina seems to care for Maine because she cried out in distress when the Sleeveless Insurrectionist shot him repeatedly in the throat and knocked him down, then nearly stabbed him in a violent manner with Maine's newly acquired Brute Shot. This caring relationship also appears to be mutual, as Maine appears to move in front of Carolina when their warthog is targeted by the Insurrectionist sniper, leading to Maine himself being shot instead of Carolina.

Meta strangling Carolina

She also gave her A.I. Sigma to him to compensate for his lack of speech but he and Sigma later betrayed Carolina, stealing both Eta and Iota and tossing her off a cliff. Despite this years later, Carolina feels guilty that Maine has become the Meta, mainly due to her decision to give him Sigma. Additionally, Carolina listed Maine as a reason for her revenge against the Director. Later, after Epsilon compares her to the Meta, Carolina defends her former teammate saying "Don't you ever talk about Maine like you knew him."


Not much interaction has been seen between the two, other than Wyoming asking Carolina a question about the 110 story building's security in Planning the Heist, and in Season 10 when Wyoming refused Carolina's orders to move up for fear of getting killed by two soldiers firing turrets. Like most people, Carolina finds Wyoming's knock-knock jokes to be annoying. Some sort of good relationship can be assumed, however, as Wyoming is shown to be waiting alone for Carolina to wake up after her AI implantation in New and Improved, until Washington and York arrive.

A photograph owned by Agent Illinois showed Carolina drinking with York, North Dakota and Wyoming.


Carolina & Director

Carolina showed great respect and loyalty towards the Director, believing that he had given her "everything" and agreed to do what the Director described as "questionable". Eventually, Carolina developed a hatred towards him, desiring to kill him with the reluctant help of the Reds and Blues. She wasn't doing this just for herself, but for everything that the Director had done to her friends. It is revealed in Don't Say It that Carolina is the Director's daughter and that Allison is her mother. This explains both Carolina's loyalty and eventual hatred for the Director, as his efforts to revive Allison through Tex as well as placing more attention on Tex, caused Carolina to hate the latter and by extension, the Director as well.


Despite Carolina becoming more openly confrontational towards the Director during Season 10, she still showed him respect and professionalism, though this too began to dwindle as time went on. Carolina's hostility stemmed from her wanting to prove herself to the Director as an Agent, and possibly as a daughter. Because of this, she took her anger out on Tex and the other Freelancers, desperately wanting to gain back the love of her father. However, this nearly led to her death and Carolina later vowed to get her revenge on the Director for his mistreatment of her and her friends. However, Carolina, upon seeing how emotionally drained the Director has become, decides not to kill him but instead to let go of her vendetta, though she did seem to still have sympathy for him, as when he requested her pistol she gave it to him before leaving.


Carolina's final moments with her father.

It is possible that her partnership with Epsilon, who was the memories of Alpha, and consequently the Director, gave her perspective on who her father truly was. It stands to reason that this possibly helped her to overcome her vendetta against the elder Church as she looked upon the empty shell her father had been reduced to. In many ways, her connection to Epsilon helped Carolina come full-circle in regards to her relationship with her father, letting go of her rage, and acknowledging how much hurt and suffering they all - her, Epsilon, and Dr. Church - experienced from the death of her mother.

Four Seven NinerEdit

Carolina occasionally acts as the co-pilot for Four Seven Niner's Pelican troop transport but has little interaction with Four Seven Niner other than that. She seems to have a fairly friendly relationship with her.


Carolina's interactions with the A.I. fragments have a large impact on the series, as they eventually led to the creation of the Meta and the events in Recovery One.


Carolina and Sigma

Sigma was Carolina's original A.I. She was willing to give him up to Maine, and Sigma claimed that both he and Maine were grateful for Carolina's generous offer. Despite this, Sigma, with the help of Gamma, deceived Carolina into believing that Texas was only superior to her because she had the Omega A.I., which ultimately led Carolina into getting two A.I. implanted her head, in order to beat agent Texas. After Sigma was able to use Maine to become the Meta, Carolina became their first victim.


While Carolina and Delta were rarely shown interacting with one another in the past, it's assumed they had a good relationship based on her interactions with Epsilon-Delta. When Epsilon-Delta appears and shows her York's journal entries to comfort her, Carolina is surprised to see him and begs him not to leave in Out of Mind. In Long Time No See, it's shown that out of all of Epsilon's A.I. memories, Delta is the most concerned about her survival.


Carolina and Gamma had a brief conversation, along with Sigma, about Tex's A.I. Omega. Gamma, along with Sigma, tricked Carolina into believing that Tex was only better than her due to Omega's influence.

Eta and IotaEdit

Carolina 2 ai

Despite the fact that Eta and Iota were implanted into her, little interaction was shown between them. Carolina seemingly treats the two like tools and panics when the Meta removes them from her physically. Because Carolina took Eta and Iota when they were originally intended for Wash and South, she caused Wash to be implanted with Epsilon and increased South's jealousy for an A.I.

Charon IndustriesEdit

Although she didn't know the truth about the group, Carolina has been an enemy of Charon Industries for many years. In the past events of the Project Freelancer Saga, she often fought against the Insurrectionists, Charon's private security force, on team missions, believing they were a UNSC splinter group. During The Chorus Trilogy, Carolina fights against the "Space Pirates" on Chorus to prevent the corporation from committing mass genocide on the planet.


Carolina vs CT

In Season 9, the two had a disagreement about the Director when C.T. bad-mouthed him about his honesty, and Carolina told her to watch her mouth. However, after C.T. defected to the Insurrection, Carolina tried to discreetly call off the mission to retrieve C.T.'s armor, feeling that it was unnecessary due to the fact that C.T. wasn't the best agent. Carolina tried to talk her down before fighting each other in Season 10, and was extremely upset at Tex when she fatally wounded and tried to kill C.T, still considering her a comrade, despite her defection. Another note of this is when Carolina finds C.T.'s dog tags that Tex kept, she calls her by her nickname, "Connie", which only those close to her call her by.


Carolina holds Locus at gunpoint

After crash-landing on Chorus, Carolina and Epsilon began to pursue the Space Pirates for the armor enhancements they stole, annoying Locus. In Lost But Not Forgotten, Carolina posed as Control in order to convince Locus not to kill the captured Reds and Blues, but Locus becomes suspicious of his "superior". After she infiltrates the Space Pirates' forces, she rescues the Reds and Blues at F.A.C. Outpost 37 after revealing herself to Locus, infuriating the latter. Carolina later fights him at Radio Jammer Station 1C with Wash, but she's incapacitated by Locus with Felix's aid. In You Know Who We Are, when Epsilon teases her about losing to Locus, Carolina defends herself by stating it was part of the plan and she just underestimated him. In general, however, Carolina is wary of Locus, seeing him as both dangerous and insane, as seen in The Thin Fed Line where she expresses fear over the possibility of him nearly killing Wash. She also makes note of his skills, notably his marksmanship in Great Destroyers.

RVB S15 E17 001

Upon reuniting with Locus in Quicksave, Carolina is rescued by Locus much to her surprise. She questions Locus about why he was hunting the Blues and Reds, attempting to find out more information about why he would be involved. Carolina has a hard time believing that Locus has changed and questions why he needed her help in defeating the simulation troopers left by Temple.

After Washington was injured during their escape, Locus took him to Chorus for emergency medical care. This news was much appreciated by Carolina, possibly increasing her trust for Locus.


12 10 00021

Carolina seems to despise Felix, due to the fact that he manipulated the Reds and Blues, similar to how the Director manipulated her and her fellow Freelancers. After Carolina sees Felix discuss with Control and Locus on an audio log, she becomes horrified when he reveals the Chorus Civil War is a charade.

When Carolina rescues the Reds and Blues in Cloak and Dagger, she faces Felix in close-quarter combat and is able to use her surprise entrance to easily take a lead. Confused and angry by Carolina humiliating him in their fight, Felix resorts to stabbing her in the leg before she escapes with the Reds and Blues. It appears that Felix knows a lot about Carolina, as in Fed vs. New he makes several comments on several of her known skills and characteristics such as her speed or history of acting alone. In the same episode, Felix calls Carolina unoriginal for camouflaging as a mercenary and proceeds to engage her in combat, being able to hold his own against her this time but ultimately being outsmarted by the Reds and Blues.

In Season 13, upon finding out Tucker saw Felix and Locus in his Gateway vision, Carolina eagerly announces she has been waiting for a rematch with the mercenaries. Despite not being able to encounter the Mercenaries in her vision, she did witness her fear of losing the Reds and Blues, possibly showing that she fears Felix's abilities in the war.

During Great Destroyers, Carolina and Washington once again engage Felix and Locus in a final stand at The Purge. When first meeting them, Carolina mocks the mercenaries. She later fights against Felix and his able to hold her own against him despite his newly acquired energy sword. When the fighting briefly pauses, the Freelancers confidently reveal their plan to Felix before pulling the Tartarus down on them.

Felix's psychopathic personality and similar skill set to Carolina possibly affected her fear of him, as Felix was arguably Carolina's equal in combat. Due to his unhinged, cold, and unrepentant mindset, Felix is in many ways a dark mirror to Carolina, who has lamented that she has gone from being "a dishonorable killing machine to an honorable killing machine" while Felix embraces the monster he truly is. While Carolina is horrified with many of her past transgressions, Felix was remorseless and insatiable in his appetite for war, murder, manipulation, and power; all of those things being Carolina's greatest obstacles to emotional peace.


Carolina vs Sharkface 2

After Carolina and Washington left Sharkface for dead at the Insurrection Building, Sharkface grew a violent hatred for the two and Project Freelancer all together, for what the faction did to him and his comrades. However it seemed Sharkface hated Carolina more as she is the one to have defeated him during their first encounter. When Sharkface is given a second chance to take down Carolina he accepts it and tries to kill Carolina first.

Carolina apologizes to Sharkface

Carolina on the other hand at first thought of him as nothing more than another Space Pirate, but after learning of his true identity she has since then slowly begun to feel sympathetic toward Sharkface, possibly due to her having gone through something similar from losing the Freelancers along with her fear of losing the Reds and Blues.

In Armonia, Part 1, Carolina surprises him by apologizing for her actions with Freelancer. She gives him the opportunity to walk away from the war and not have to fight, but he declines and the two begin fighting. In Armonia, Part 2, after besting him, she gives Sharkface another chance to walk away. Despite being outnumbered, the former soldier savagely declares that he will still kill them, before being gunned down by Washington and Kimball.

Sharkface has a similar history to Carolina, meaning he was not only a threat to her physically but also a mental obstacle for her. His ability to not let go of the past ultimately drives him insane and leads to his death, a path that Carolina avoided by moving on thanks to the Reds and Blues.


Carolina sees Hargrove as a mutual enemy, due to his actions against both Chorus and Project Freelancer. The Chairman took several steps to kill her and the people of Chorus during the events of The Chorus Trilogy.

Blues and Reds Edit

Temple Edit

Temple confronts Carolina and Wash

Temple despises Carolina the most out of all the freelancers for killing Biff. The fact that Carolina doesn't even remember Temple only intensified Temple's hatred. Carolina, in turn, develops a hatred for Temple due to him having killed several freelancers. It is unknown if she recalls her involvement in Biff's death. After their attack on the Blues and Reds' base on Earth, Carolina tells Tucker not to kill Temple unless he has to.

After stopping his plans, Tucker prepares to finish Temple but Carolina argues for him not to, explaining that they're better than him. Whether she did this out of pity for Temple, remembering her part in his friend's death and being responsible for his campaign against both the Freelances and the UNSC, or for some other reason is unknown.

Biff Edit

Biff used as shield

Carolina was indirectly responsible for the death of Biff. During her fight with Tex, she willingly used him as a human shield and threw him in front of Texas' punches. When Tex used Loco's homemade flag as a spear directed at Carolina, she knocked it away into Biff. Despite not intending to kill him, she showed no remorse or care for the injury and tried to take the flag to win before being knocked away by Tex. It is unknown how Carolina feels about Biff now, years after his death, but it is implied that she does regret her part in it. When Tucker prepared to kill Temple, Carolina stopped him, possibly understanding that Temple's campaign of revenge started when Biff died.



Carolina seemed to love her mother and it's shown that Allison affected Carolina very much. Although Allison was away often, Allison told Carolina to never say goodbye when they part ways, because "she was not gone, just not here right now." After Allison's death, Carolina lived by her words, as she quotes her to Epsilon in Don't Say It. During Accentuate the Interrogative, Carolina becomes angry after failing to gain information from Zachary Miller, with Epsilon acknowledging that she takes after her mother. In many ways, Allison continued to play a large part in Carolina's life through her A.I. counterpart, Agent Texas. Carolina's relationship with her father would later be rectified through many memories of her mother that she likely experienced through Epsilon, the memory fragment of the Alpha A.I. who was based on her father. In many ways, even from beyond the grave, Allison helped to mend the rift between her husband and daughter, showing that a mother's love can continue to work in many unforeseen and mysterious ways.

Dr. GreyEdit

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After Carolina rescued the Blood Gulch Crew at F.A.C. Outpost 37, she also rescued Dr. Grey. Before Grey is formally introduced to Carolina in The Reunion, Grey treats Carolina's leg injury, but the latter is annoyed when the doctor calls her "sweetie." When Carolina reopens her wound in Crash Site Crashers, Grey quickly treats her and later berates her for opening up her injury. However, Carolina seems grateful to Grey, especially after the latter helps them interrogate Zachary Miller for more information. She can however find Grey's hyperactive personality grating, as she responds to her enthusiasm in What's Yours is Ours with sarcasm.



Carolina is shown to respect Kimball highly, treating her professionally and listening to her ideas no matter the topic of conversation. This is best shown in You Better Watch Out, where Carolina acknowledges that Kimball, as well as herself, needs reinforcements from Doyle. As events progress with the war with Charon, however, Carolina also begins to show more concern for Kimball. When Doyle sacrifices himself in Armonia, Part 2, Carolina first attempts to persuade Kimball onto a Pelican in a comforting tone before being forced to drag the General aboard. As they finally board the Pelican, Carolina holds onto Kimball's hand for a moment and gives her a reassuring nod, possibly because she understands what it is like to lose people she cares about.

In the following episode, Carolina openly states her worry about Kimball to Epsilon, and expresses her concerns when Kimball wishes to make speech to the two armies of Chorus in a bid to unite them. In the finale, when Kimball displays a rare moment of panic, Carolina attempts to calm the General down, showing that she does care for her as a friend.

After their retirement, Kimball built the Reds and Blues a place to live. Before returning to Earth to stop Temple, Kimball sent The Lieutenants to help.


Doyle speaks to Carolina and Epsilon

Carolina treats Doyle much the same as she treats Kimball: with a great degree of respect and professionalism despite the fact that he isn't the best leader, unlike most other characters who tend to favor one General or the other. Carolina also acknowledges his skills more than other characters, as she trusted him to organize reinforcements to the Eastern Mountain Range and, although showing concern about him going to the reactor in Armonia, Part 2, doesn't question it further, implying she trusts him to get the job done.

Their friendship is best shown in The Thin Fed Line where, despite the fact he hadn't really interacted that much with her prior, Doyle comforts a scared Carolina with what he believes is a Shakespeare quote. Although Carolina, alongside Epsilon, later corrects him, she admits to Doyle that it's a "good quote", showing her appreciation of him comforting her.

Dylan Andrews Edit

When first meeting Dylan, Carolina acts defensive and tries to get information from her.

Carolina seems to get along with Dylan and is prepared to assist her in getting her story out in the hopes that it won't end in violence.

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