"Every time you start on one of these damn crusades, I start pissing kidney stones like hail. Like a Tommy-gun down there!"
—Carlos to Dylan Andrews in Prologue

Carlos Trabka is an employee of Interstellar Daily and boss of Dylan Andrews. He first appears in the Season 15 episode Prologue.

Role in Plot[edit | edit source]

During his first appearance, Carlos is seen to be a rather crude and unkind individual, as he angrily berates Dylan and her effect on the station as well as expresses his cynical and disrespectful attitude. His demeanor is further emphasized by the nickname, "Grumpy McBossypants", Dylan apparently gives him on their call. He oversees Andrews's endeavors as a journalist and when she requests to find out more about the "terrorist Red and Blues" story, he reluctantly gives her permission to pursue it, though demands daily dispatches on her progress.

After Frank quits, he sends his nephew to be Dylan's new camera man. However, Dylan's progress becomes too slow and he demands that she returns to Earth, but her continuation makes him consider pressing charges. Eventually, Dylan takes off with Jax and this causes him to have a nervous breakdown, to which he is institutionalized, placed in solitary confinement and given horse tranquilizers; this causes him to be momentarily mellowed.

He later speaks with Dylan, praising her for her completion on the story, but becomes steamed after learning of Jax's bullet-wounds and damage to the ship, and returns to his old demeanor until Dylan hangs up on him.

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