"If we are to discuss nominations, in the gamma quadrant, a race of bipedal Displorians have harnessed the power of fire. They are most promising."
—Burnstorm in Headshots

Burnstorm is a god of the Cosmic Powers, first introduced in The Shisno Paradox.

Role in PlotEdit

Burnstorm is among the gods summoned to Starseeds by King Atlus to discuss the threat the Reds and Blues pose to reality. He later accompanies Atlus and the Cosmic Powers to negotiate with Tucker, Sister and Grif for a meeting.

Burnstorm is also present when the Reds and Blues arrive on Starseeds in person to discuss their time travel with the Cosmic Powers, where he introduces himself to them as Master Builder of the Gods. He later unveils The Hammer to them, intending for the Reds and Blues to use it to reinforce Chrovos' bindings.

After the paradox, Burnstorm's fate is unknown. Although his labyrinth that was originally constructed for Chrovos later appears, this time being used by Genkins against the Reds and Blues.


  • Burnstorm's armor consists of a Tracer helmet and Gen 2 Centurion body armor.
  • Burnstorm's role as "Master Builder" appears to be an allusion to many gods of fire and blacksmithing in classical mythology, including the Greek god Hephaestus and the Roman god Vulcan.
  • In Halo lore "Master Builder" is a type of Forerunner rank. Only one master builder is worthy enough to be mentioned and that is Faber-of-Will-and-Might often shortened as "Faber the Master Builder", builder of the Halo Rings to combat the Galactic Threat  and co-designer of Mendicant Bias.


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