"I was about to say you're like the pappy I never had. When I was a kid he ran out on us to join the army and never came back."
—Boomstick to Sarge in Meta vs. Carolina: Dawn of Awesome

Boomstick, along with Wiz, is a scientist from Command that was contacted by Caboose to find out who would win a Death Battle between the Meta and Carolina.

It is hinted at the end of the video that Boomstick is the son of Sarge. Although Sarge caught onto this possibility, Boomstick did not, simply believing Sarge was a "nice guy."

Trivia Edit

  • Boomstick is noticeably similar to Sarge in a number of ways. Both wear red armor, primarily use and prefer shotguns, express a strong love for military equipment and weaponry, speak in a heavy southern accent, and deeply enjoy inflicting pain on Grif.

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