"Fellow Blue, if you are who you say you are then surely you will know the Blue Team password. If you know it, you are welcome here. If not, you are not and also we will kill you, because of the not being welcome thing."
—The Blue Grunt Leader requesting the Blue Team password from Church in MIA: Episode 5

The Blue Grunt Leader is the leader of the Blue Team Grunts, first appearing in MIA: Episode 5.

Role in Plot[edit | edit source]

Blue Grunts.png

The Blue Grunt Leader first meets Church, Tucker, and Caboose, believing them to be new recruits. Church asks him for directions to the city. The Grunt leader then converses with a comrade, who both seem unsure about Tucker & Church in particular. They say the two are "off-blue" and could possibly be Reds in disguise. To be completely sure about their visitors, the Grunt leader asks for the Blue leader to step forward. Church, being the unofficial leader, steps forward and is asked to recite the Blue Team password. Church correctly answers: "Blue".

The Blue Grunt Leader with the Reds and Blues.

Outside, the group explain their situation to the Blue Grunt Leader by showing him the ransom letter. However, the Grunt leader is unable to read the letter, due to the letter's terrible handwriting. Desperate, Sarge asks him if he knows the way to the city, but the Grunt leader is still a bit reluctant about helping "Reds".

A Red Grunt suddenly appears from behind a rock, but the Blue Grunt Leader quickly kills him. The Leader then updates the group's GPS and gladly says goodbye to Tucker, Church and Caboose; but, in return, tells Sarge and Simmons to never come back, which they gladly accept.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Leader has several similarities to the Red Zealot, a Red team Grunt from the real world. Both hold high respect for their team and color, both are the only identified Grunt on their team and both speak in a religious tone (more so for the Zealot).
  • The Blue Grunt Leader is distinguished from the other Blue grunts by wearing the UA Mark V[B] helmet attachment, while the grunts only wear the basic Mark V[B] helmet.

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