"Agent Carolina, we've retrieved what appears to be a domed energy shield from within the complex."
—The Blue Fed to Carolina and Epsilon in What's Yours is Ours

This Blue Fed is a Federal Army of Chorus technician specialist and is first seen in What's Yours is Ours informing Carolina and Epsilon of the recovery of a domed energy shield.

Role in PlotEdit

Seizing Charon Research Complex 2CEdit

This Fed assisted Carolina, Epsilon, Sarge, and Tucker in the seizing of Charon Research Complex 2C along with his fellow Feds and several soldiers of the New Republic, after the Federal Army's truce with the faction. He informs Carolina and Epsilon of their recovery of a domed energy shield and later provides them with information on a nearby alien temple. He explains that many of Chorus' inhabitants are aware of these temples and have even visited them.

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