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Ewefwein Ewefwein 26 November 2021

RVB:Family Shatters Fan Fic:A Special Guest

A Special guest arrives at the Shatter Squad headquarters and it's revealed to be...Tucker!

Axel announces to the Shatter Squad that a special guest is coming to their base and it's revealed their guest is Lavernius Tucker but his introduction doesn't go well as when he meets the Shatter Squad he sees East and immediately attacks her for betraying him and taking his sword but Phase gets Tucker off him and East gives Tucker his Sword back but Tucker is sad to know he can no longer activate his Sword due to him dying and East/Phase taking it as her own. After the mishap Raymond shows Tucker around the base,Tucker tries to flirt with One but she kicks his ass and Axel is ashamed to see Tucker flirting with his adopted daughter and Tucker meets…

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IndianaLiam1 IndianaLiam1 3 June 2020

Oh, a Blog!

What do I write here?! Oh, my day's fine!


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Mr Infinity46 Mr Infinity46 26 May 2019


I believe that singularity is getting better. as most people thought singularity got a bit of a bad start however since limbo it's been getting better and I have three possible ways singularity would end

  1. huggings would come back and somehow get revenge on Genkings putting in some comedy and drama

2.donut would be able to talk to the reds and blues stuck in the labyrinth and motivate them making them defeat the labyrinth mentally 

3.the reds and blues would convince the labyrinth to stop (as I have sources that believe the labyrinth is sentient)

what do you all think?


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Dǐll Kevlar Dǐll Kevlar 24 January 2019

So many edits

If you're wondering "Hey, why did some random guy just make 719 edits", I just checked every mainspace article for typos and wiki formatting. I took extreme care to ensure quotes are not changed from verbatim. Odds are you won't notice anything different other than using lowercase (other than first word) unless used for a title. Every single edit was manually checked by me before submission.

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Otherside86 Otherside86 16 December 2018

RVB Reboot

At the end of The Shisno Paradox, the entire story of Red vs. Blue has reset, but with a few differences. It is clear that the whole thing has just rebooted. Which I find appropriate, cause I'm tired of the same old guys doing the same old things. In every season, they got to do things like it is just one big story. In the Blood Gulch Chronicles, they got to do different things for each episode. I missed that.

As for the Church-lookalike, I believe it is Private Jimmy who never got the Alpha AI implanted in him.

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Otherside86 Otherside86 19 May 2018

Is Caboose really stupid, or just plain insane...or both?

Everyone knows Michael J. Caboose is the dumbest character in the series. But is his stupidity really natural, or is it a result of his time in Blood Gulch.

Not much is known about Caboose's life before joining Blue Team. But what we do get in Holiday Plans, Part Three: Chestnuts Roasting... is that he had trouble talking to girls when he was young and that he was never very close to his dad before his death. He was a close psychological to Loco and was accidentally added to Blood Gulch's roster when Captain Flowers tripped on Vic's cable in Why They're Here.

Caboose was first introduced in the Blood Gulch Chronicles anxious recruit who had little military experience and still had some common sense. He didn't have a full-grasp of what's goin…

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Mr. Waddle Dee Mr. Waddle Dee 18 May 2017

Impostor Reds and Blues

Who wants to bet the imposter Reds and Blues are the missing freelancers. Also, we should make a page for them soon.

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what do guys think about crazy tucker

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Sniperteam82308 Sniperteam82308 26 February 2017

New Writer Announced

Well everyone, Miles has announced our new writer for Season 15, and this new writer has announced the release date of the new season, April 1st, 2017. The new writer in question is Joe Nicolosi, someone who has written quite a bit for the show recently! He was the creator who made The Brick Gulch Chronicles from Season 14, and he has worked on a couple of the new 360 shorts that have been coming out lately. The two in question being Red vs. Blue 360: Supply Drop  and Red vs. Blue 360: The Talk. The three videos in question will be available below. I won't give my thoughts on it here, I'll go to the comments for that, but we have a release date and it is only 5 weeks away today! Hopefully the community will continue to grow during this tim…

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Mr. Waddle Dee Mr. Waddle Dee 26 August 2016

Tex's special ability

I honestly think that invisiblity is Tex's (Beta's) special ability it only makes sense given that she was able to do it even when she is in different bodies and the Meta is only seen using it after he captures Tex. Also just cause the Alpha never uses it doesn't mean he can't use it he just decides not to use it and keep in mind Gamma could time travel.

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Commander Tobie123 Commander Tobie123 13 July 2016

If u like the red vs blue eps follow me plz that will help alot

If u like the red vs blue eps follow me plz that will help alot and if u follow I'll have more cool pics of red vs blue

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Soldier Katie Soldier Katie 9 February 2016

Captain Sir Simmons

"I believe that Sir Simmons is very good at his job, brave, and awesome."

"I'm luckily to have him as my Captain."

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TySlyTris TySlyTris 7 November 2015

Do you think the Meta would have died if he had O'Mally?

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Western Gen Western Gen 14 September 2015

Speculations for Season 14

Be wary of reading comments if you wish to avoid spoilers for non-public epsiodes.

Season 14 will air Sunday, May 8th for Sponsors, May 9th for RT Members, and May 15th for non-members.

As the battle for Chorus reaches its end, the Reds and Blues make one final stand against the Space Pirates and the Chairman. After Doyle’s brave sacrifice to stop the pirates, Carolina and Washington held off Felix and Locus to prevent them from activating the Purge, until the Rebels were able to bring the Tartarus (with the Counselor inside) crashing down onto the temple.

However, before Epsilon was able to send a message to the UNSC, Locus and Felix returned. But after a short battle, it was time for Felix to face his fear: Locus, who abandoned Felix and t…

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Jon Archer Jon Archer 7 September 2015

That was it!

This was suppose to be the end of the story arc and they leave us with a cliffhanger. This season could have great but between no mishandling of sharkface's and Price's and the underdevelopment of Locust story really hurt the season, not to mention the ending. In general I feel they tryed to do to much in to little time.

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Oo7nightfire Oo7nightfire 4 September 2015

S14 Speculation Blog Guidelines

Hello guys! With Season 13 coming to a close, I'm sure a few people are preparing to create a Speculations blog for S14. However, unlike S13, there will ultimately only be one speculation blog for S14. Right now we have two S13 blogs, which is redudant. Let's not repeat the big fiasco we had last year with S13.

If you want to create the blog, go ahead, I'm sure several will pop-up once S13 ends. However, please keep these guidelines in mind when creating the blog. These will determine which blog will be chosen to be the S14 Speculations Blog for the wiki.

  1. The blog must be written intelligibly! Good grammar, correct use of punctuation, and correct use of capitalization. Basic English. You can refer to these past speculation blogs for referenc…
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Oo7nightfire Oo7nightfire 18 July 2015

Pages for Epsilon's A.I. Counterparts


Beginning in Season 7, many of Epsilon's memories of the Freelancer A.I. fragments have made cameo appearances. After the release of Long Time No See, the Epsilon-Doubles of the Freelancer A.I.: Theta, Delta, Omega, and so forth, have gotten much more screen time. So now, there has been debate on whether the Epsilon A.I. counterparts should get their own pages.

The reason they haven't gotten pages (I believe) is because they haven't been physically separated from Epsilon (like Epsilon-Tex was), and are still apart of him; so they're not technically individual characters. In addition, they've all only made small appearances, aside from E-Delta.

Due to this, we should consider one of the three options:

  1. Create pages fo…
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Nova Spartan 038 Nova Spartan 038 19 June 2015


As we all know, Red vs Blue is a machinima set within the world of the blockbuster sci-fi action video game Halo. And as we all should know, Halo is about a race of aliens called the Covenant trying to wipe out humanity, believeing their Gods demand so. And RvB is set sometime during those events, in the background of all the chaos (imagine two trains going the same way, but one is more attention-grabbing than the other one, and then the second train gets its own webseries and everyone is like: "Wow, this is cool, I had no idea this was here before!"). Yeah.

But, my point here is that RvB is supposed to tie-into the events of Halo, but there are several plot-holes in it. For instance, the Covenant in Halo worship a long-dead alien race call…

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WE are the Meta

All the Fragments...WE are the Meta

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Ltmaroon57 Ltmaroon57 29 April 2015

Join The Army!

Hi, I'm Ltmaroon57 not Ltmarron, not Ltmoron, Ltmaroon57.

Now, as we all know, in the Season 13 era of blogging...... I got my ass kicked and was forced to surrender.

Next season I am going to try again. I am starting an army. Anyone who joins must post on my blog, and defend the army. We will leave a trace of great heroism on this wiki. And I..... will be known as the most BADASS guy on this wiki.

Our slogan is.... I HATE PEOPLE!!

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Nova Spartan 038 Nova Spartan 038 7 April 2015

What's up with that? Where did they come from?

Who are the people from RvB? Where do they come from? Church was a man that made an AI copy of himself that made the Church we all know today. Caboose? Born on a moon, I think, and mistook the army for school. So far, I think Grif, Sister, and Church have the most hammered-out pasts, and that's not saying much for the first two.

I'll make this short and sweet: Should we start to see more of the RvB members' pasts? I have some ideas, myself, but I'm willing to listen to some other ideas, provided someone deems this page important enough to read.

Just to keep you interested, here's one I made for Sarge:

Sarge- Born and raised in Moscow, Iowa. He always wanted to help people as a child. He might have even made a shrink-ray-device-thingy-object o…

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Nova Spartan 038 Nova Spartan 038 30 November 2014

A Project Rooster Teeth should really consider: Red vs Blue: Reimagined

In 2003, the first episode of Red vs Blue released. At the time, it was a great milestone in the video industry.

Fast forward eleven years, and Red vs Blue, seasons 1-5 (and a few scenes in 6-12), filmed in Halo 1 and 2 with their now-poor graphics, have become outdated. And the voice records on it are fuzzy and stuffy.

Which is why I present my idea: Red vs Blue: Reimagined. It uses the Halo 2 Anniversary (and perhaps Reach/CEA and Halo 3/4) engines and newly recorded audio to bring back the same great memories of the original five seasons.

While the audio/visuals would be entirely different and not as faithful, it would be a beautiful reimagination!

And, just think, if, instead of using the games, they actually got a deal and the money to ge…

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Western Gen Western Gen 30 September 2014

Speculations for Season 13

Season 13 will air April 1st, 2015.

Chorus is a planet on the edge of civilization, in a galaxy far, far away blah blah blah you already know this. The real story is that a bunch of Space Pirate assholes working for some entity calling themselves “Control” had infiltrated the Civil War on the planet on both sides, using their mercenaries Locus and Felix, with the intent of mass genocide for the whole planet. When the Reds and Blues arrived, Control had them captured and separated to both the Federal Army and the New Republic, to push the war to a final confrontation. However, the Reds and Blues managed to regroup with eachother, as well as Carolina and Epsilon, and their new friend Dr. Grey. She’s nice.

Ultimately, the Reds and Blues were a…

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Ltmaroon57 Ltmaroon57 30 September 2014

Speculations For Season 13

RvB season 12 was the 12th season of Red vs. Blue and the second season of the unamed saga, which should really have been named by now. Season 12 picks up where Season 11 left off, Tucker, Grif, Simmons, and Caboose have been seperated from their friends Sarge, Agent Washington, Donut, and Lopez. Grif, Simmons, and Caboose fail at trying to train their squads. Meanwhile, Felix, Tucker, and a few rebel soldiers conduct a raid on an FAC (Federal Army of Chorus) outpost. During the raid, Tucker manages to capture a little capsule like thing that has the location of their friends.

After a long journey to a gas station, the Reds and Blues finally re-unite and meet a nice, friendly, scary, crazy Doctor, Dr. Grey. After Wash tells Tucker, Grif, Si…

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CNBA3 CNBA3 2 September 2014

Identity of Control

I have been thinking about the identity of this "Control" that Felix and Locus answer to.

This is just a theory but what if it is the Meta? What if he survived the fall at the ice base at the end of Red vs. Blue: Revelation.

I mean think about it, The Meta got all sorts of equipment from killing other Freelancers. And remember in the dessert where Washington and the Meta were finding leads on locating Epsilon, when the Meta was digging he found C.T.'s corpse (or in this case the guy who was pretending to be C.T.), what if before Washington came over to check the Meta took C.T.'s armor equipment of creating Holograms, and at the Ice base, what if the Meta that was being dragged down the cliff by the Warthog was just a Hologram. And we never d…

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Cdshaggy24 Cdshaggy24 7 August 2014

Main villains of the series

These villains are nothing that the world have ever seen. I know ho the main villain are in each saga so here are the main villains in each season and mini series.

season 1( Omega )

season 2( Omega )

season 3( Omega,Wyoming )

season 4( Omega,Wyoming )

mini series 1( Omega,Wyoming )

season 5( Omega,Wyoming,Gamma )

mini series 2( Meta,South Dakota )

season 6( Meta,South Dakota,The Director )

mini series 3( None )

season 7( Meta,The Insurrectionist Leader,Washington )

season 8( Meta,Washington )

season 9( The Director,The Insurrections )

season 10( The Director,Sigma,The Insurrections )

season 11( Lucus,Lopez 2.0 )

season 12( Lucus,Felix,Control )

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Cdshaggy24 Cdshaggy24 4 August 2014


Red vs blue sometimes have days all the time.

season 1 one day

season 2-5 and mini series 1-2 one day

season 6 one day

mini series 3 one day

season 7-8 one day

season 9-10 one day

season 11 two days

season 12 two days

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Tallman51 Tallman51 14 July 2014

The War on Chorus

The War on Chorus has taken a very excting turn ,the Blood Gulch Crew has been spit up with Sarge,Washington,Donut and Lopez with the Federal Army of Chorus beliving that the New Republic are a group that seeks to take over the planet and that they were tricked by the New Republic. Acourding to Doyale the New Republic was given ample opprotuinty to  move somewhere else on the planet and as a society cut off from the UNSC they tried thier best to govern the people. However the federal army of chorus is doing far better then the New Republic having multple base of operation and equipment that the New Republic can`t even come close to in technolgy.

The New Rebulic is in deep trouble but now that have gained that assistence of Tucker,Caboose,Gr…

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Cdshaggy24 Cdshaggy24 9 July 2014

The several major threats

Why make the several major threats page for villains its a great idea please

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SlenderDev SlenderDev 5 July 2014

Favorite character?

Who is your favorite character.For me it's Caboose and Tucker.

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Ltmaroon57 Ltmaroon57 7 June 2014

Where is Sarge, Wash, Donut, and Lopez?

Hey, and welcome. On this blog we will be talking about where is Sarge and the others. don't be afraid to say where you think they are.

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Agent Maroon78 Agent Maroon78 27 May 2014

Articles to Update

Hello, this is Agent Maroon78. Some of you might already know me, but to those who don't, I'm a major contributor to the RvB Wikia and community. With oo7nightfire's support, I've created this blog in order to keep track, update, and create articles for this Wikia. While it seems like much, this blog will need the help of all those who come to this Wikia, as it's too much for just one person and will allow this community to interact more with each other. I found as many articles, categories, and templates I could find to be "updated" as well as how to keep track of "files". Since I'm bound to miss something, if you know of anything else that needs to be dealt with, please leave a message on this blog, and someone will be notified and fix i…

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Ltmaroon57 Ltmaroon57 25 May 2014

Character and series Speculations

Hello, and welcome. This is a blog where every anon from this wiki will come to speculate about the series and characters. The series Has been running for more than ten years. Thats a long time. Where do you think the series will go? And how muck longer will it run? And how many more characters will we see? Post what you think in the comments.

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Ltmaroon54 Ltmaroon54 13 March 2014

Soldier vs. Soldier

hey guys I am working on a new web series called Soldier vs. Soldier. It is loosely based around the call of duty franchise. It will be airing sometime in the summer. It was inspired by the popular web series Red vs. blue. We have big plans for this series and hope all of you like it. here's. some of the characters-

Specs Team/Specs
Sergeant Rosenburge (brave, paranoid leader of the Specs)
David Reed (funny, lazy rifleman of the Specs)
Gunner (heavy weapons man of the Specs)

Ghost Squad/Team ghost

Leo (the weird funny leader of ghost squad)

Kelly (smart one yet awesome!!)

Gibbs (sharpshooter with a humor)

we truly hope you guys enjoy this.
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Dr Mutran Dr Mutran 2 December 2013

The Animated RP Recap (Ft. Sarge)

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Delta1996 Delta1996 30 November 2013

The Halo timeline and the Red Vs Blue timeline

I believe Red vs blue happens years after the events of Halo

1)  The events between the Forerunners and the Humans

2) The events between the Forerunners and the Flood

3) The Forerunners create and arm the Halo rings

4) The rings kill all life

5) But life begins again

6) Later Earth is over populated

7) Humans colonize other planets

8) Later the Human begin the war with the Covernent

9) The Covernent destroy all of the Human colonies

10) The Flood returns

11) Halo Installation 04 is discovered and then destroyed

12) A small Covernent fleet attacks Earth

13) Installation 05 is discovered but not destroyed

14) The Brutes of the Covernent start killing the Elites of the Covernent

15) The Humans and the Elites join forces

16) The whole covernent fleet attacks …

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Western Gen Western Gen 10 November 2013

Speculations for Season 12



Chorus is a planet on the edge of civilization in a galaxy far far away, forgotten after the Great War, that has since taken to governing itself. However, things didn't work out right, and the planet is currently engaged in it's own Civil War between two factions: the Federal Army of Chorus and the New Republic. And the Reds and Blues crashed right in the middle of it. Their reputation preceeds them, however, as even here, news of their victory over Project Freelancer is known and has piqued the intrest of both sides, as they just might be the key to winning this war....

(Basically it's Star Wars.)

After a dramatic action sequence, the Federal mercanary Locus manages to subdue and capture Donut, Sarge, Wa…

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Agent Maroon78 Agent Maroon78 23 July 2013

Doc, Lopez, & Wash's Best Quote and Other Awards

I realized that on the Awards DVD that their was no Best Quote for three major characters (Doc, Lopez, & Wash), who have had amazing dialog and are loved by many. It seems shocking that these three don't have one so I decided to form this blog. Also, with Season 10 being finished, we, the community and fan base, can now vote for what we think was the best episode of that season and what is the best saga out of the three we have. While this blog is related to The Best of Red vs. Blue Awards, know that I disagreed with some of the winners, such as Vic for Best of the Rest or Tex vs. Reds and Blues for Best Fight, so I may make another poll to test if this is correct. The current polls are officially done (though you can still vote if you want), b…

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Cyrus Arc Cyrus Arc 22 July 2013

Sorry for my absence and General Discussion

So I would like to start off by saying I'm sorry for barely being on :( A lot of crap is going on at the RWBY wiki and I'm trying to handle it there since I'm a chat mod. The situation there is very similar to the events surrounding WhellerNG (For those of you who were actually there for that) But I promise to be more active as the year goes on.

Also, since the Speculation for Season 11 blog is getting pretty full, I thought we could move the casual Season 11 discussions here to start fresh :D 

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Hakuru15 Hakuru15 6 July 2013

RTX 2013

So is anyone enjoying RTX 2013? Wish i was there, also i can't wait for RWBY episode 1 to come out and also season 11, the first 3 episodes are hilarious!

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Socksucker Socksucker 15 June 2013


Okay, so I've just noticed a possible inconsistency with the Wiki in regards to the airdate of each episode. Specifically if it is displayed as part of the main article. For certain Seasons, such as Season 10, the airdate is included in the opening paragraph of each episode page. For episode pages in Season 9 and Revelation (possibly others, I only checked those two) the airdate is not included in the opening paragraph. I think that this is preferable, as the airdate is included in the infobox for all episode pages, so it seems a bit pointless to me to include it in the opening paragraph as well. It's only really a minor issue, but I feel that it should be consistent. Either include it in both, or just the infobox. I think it should be con…

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BioOrganization BioOrganization 2 June 2013

A Chat Room *Enervated Apocolypse*

'Dis is what we all like to call a "chat" room. Why the 'ell did they even call it a blog? You know, it's not even... Aah, screw it. Anywho, paste a comment about questions or opinions or facts, 'cuz to be honest, I have no clue what other "things" to "do".

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Obito 7900 Obito 7900 18 May 2013

Maine; still alive?

Okay, I know Maine's "dead" as he fell off a cliff, but is it possible he survived?


  1. Freelancers are shown to survive the greatest injuries, he took bullets to the neck; yet, he still survived. And Agent Carolina is shown to survive falling from a cliff. (Though he might have died do to the fact he is much heavier)
  2. He would have probably grabbed on to something and climbed back up. 

​I'm not sure if RoosterTeeth has stated he is officially dead, just wanted to ask some people.

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Cyrus Arc Cyrus Arc 14 May 2013

RTX Summer of 2013

Okay, so there is a VERY good chance I'm actually going to RTX this year. And if I go and I meet some of the creators of RvB I'm going to tell them that I'm a Crat and one of the runners on this wiki. To be fairly honest I'm not sure what that will mean to them... So if I am to talk to them what should I say beyond that? ask them how I can improve the wiki? I want to hear everyone (who is still here) and their thoughts. 

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Agent Maroon78 Agent Maroon78 4 April 2013

RvB Multiverse

Alright, I've been recently learning about the theory that there are more than one universe and that each is created by either a mere thought or choices we make. I found this subject interesting so, I'm going to list the universes that exist in RvB.

  • 1 Real World (RBU-00)
  • 2 Prime (RBU-01)
  • 3 PSA (RBU-02)
  • 4 Animated (RBU-03)
  • 5 Live! (RBU-04)
  • 6 Blue Down (RBU-05)
  • 7 Rebirth (RBU-06)
  • 8 Halo (RBU-07)

The world we currently live in and where Rooster Teeth is. This universe is directly responsible for the creation of the Prime universe (and others) as Rooster Teeth came up with the idea when playing Halo.

Simply the main story and series of Red vs. Blue. This universe is occuring during and after the events of the Great War, where the two teams, Red and Blue, must w…

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Agent Maroon78 Agent Maroon78 29 January 2013

Red vs Blue the Videogame

Yes, I know it's redudant and I know that RVB is based on Halo. However, I've been playing some Anarachy Reigns and the thought hit me "What if Rooster Teeth made a RVB videogame and was like this?" I thought it was an amazing idea, so I'm just making this to show what I think would make this game extremely good and perfect.

I personally think it would be best to use the multiplayer from Anarchy Reigns, but with with guns and more specials, as the gameplay feels like an all out brawl and can even require strategy at times. The stages also feel like a overworld where constant action and events occured. The graphics in the game must be somewhat realistic yet cartoon-like to fit the tone of the series. Lastly, The campaign is simple as you play …

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Agent Maroon78 Agent Maroon78 7 January 2013

Character Article Format Suggestion

Many major character formats have differed greatly and with how large and popular wiki this is, I thinks it's time that all these articles must have this specific format. Also, all sections should also have a image in some way and should all keep the same section title and not vary like overview to character overview or relationship to relationships with other characters; just keep it as simple as possible and don't add anything to the heading. Some characters may have additional sections such as A.I., Reception, Inconsistences, or even Rank, but all should try to have these specific sections in this order. This is only a suggestion, but I believe this would greatly help the wiki, and you may leave your thoughts.

  • 1 1. Introduction
  • 2 2. Overvie…

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Leon35 Leon35 3 January 2013

Please Someone Help Me Understand Season 5

So a few questions...note that I have seen most of redvsblue but not in chronological order, with the exception of The Blood Gulch Chronicles.

-How is there a Vic Jr if Vic cant have kids? Donut raised a good point -How did Gamma exist thousands of years in the past if he is Wyoming's AI??? He shouldn't have been in the past at makes no sense... -Where the hell did this prophecy quest come from? Why did the alien get Tucker pregnant? Why is Jr so important? What is this whole conspiracy plot? -When Church went back in time, Vic only started to help the reds because Church accidentally told him too. But there was, and still evidence that there is no red or doesn't that make the premise of the plot invalid??? -Why did Tex a…

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Socksucker Socksucker 27 December 2012

Season 10 DVD?

I was lucky enough to recieve Season 10 on DVD from a friend for Christmas. I'm having a slight problem, however, and it's more than likely it's down to my own stupidity, but regardless I need help. I can't seem to find the deleted scenes section. In the Extras part of the DVD, there's commentary, outtakes and trailers. For anyone else, where are the deleted scenes on your DVD's? Please help!

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Agent Maroon78 Agent Maroon78 23 December 2012

Worst Moments

After finishing my best moments blog, I've decided in honor of Washington, who can remeber the worst things of all time, I'm making this page about the worst moments in Red vs Blue, and I don't mean that in a good way like Grif and Sarge's relationship being the worst. No, I mean things that disapointed me, didn't get my attention, or was poorly executed. I might get some backlash for this but it's my opinion only and your free to leave your's in a kind matter. Also unlike my best moments this has fewer sections instead, but they are much longer.


Season 9: Now before you all jump at me and say I'm wrong and that I have no taste, just listen: it was a good season compared to o…

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