"Hey, we got a deadline to meet, all right? Ready up!"
—Blanton in Prologue

Sergeant Blanton was a crew member aboard the UNSC Tartarus, first appearing in Prologue.

Role in PlotEdit


Blanton was one of the crew members aboard the UNSC Tartarus when it was hijacked by Felix and Locus. Blanton and Kilgore were waiting for Stassney's arrival in docking to help identify the lone Pelican's crew. To their surprise, Felix is the only one who reveals himself and although at first being though suspicious by Stassney, is taken to the bridge and quickly gains their trust. Blanton however, is not seen on the bridge with the rest of the crew and is instead left to guard the pelican. Shortly after, he is assassinated by Locus after Mayers triggers the alarm.


Although not much is known about Blanton he appeared to be one of the more serious among his crew and took his job seriously.


  • According to his rank insignia, Blanton is a Sergeant.

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