Bjørndal Cryogenics Research Facility
Bjordinal Cryogenics Research Facility
Name: Bjørndal Cryogenics Research Facility
First Appearance: The Twins
Inhabitants: Insurrection
Status: Destroyed
"How cold do you think it is? It has to be at least below freezing, right?"
"Well, there's ice. So, yeah. Freezing."
Murphy in The Twins

The Bjørndal Cryogenics Research Facility was a research facility in the Arctic Ocean seen in Season 9.

Role in PlotEdit

The facility was first seen in The Twins, where two soldiers are on patrol. One soldier complained while the other casually replied, not paying much attention. The soldiers were killed by Agent South Dakota when she and her brother, North Dakota, infiltrated the facility to retrieve data. South made her way to the control room and retrieved the data; however, an alarm was activated, putting the facility on high alert. North and South fought their way to the Helipad for extraction, killing many soldiers in the process. However, they were surrounded by soldiers there. Agent Carolina then came to the rescue of North and South, killing the soldiers surrounding them. The Freelancers escaped on a Pelican and flew off as a MAC round was fired from the Mother of Invention, destroying the facility in the episode, Number One.


  • The facility is represented by the Halo 3 map Blackout.
  • The facility is located on Earth, or more specifically the Arctic Ocean.
  • Tex was in the facility and planted a transmitter, which transmitted the facility's coordinates.
  • Bjørndal is Norwegian and translates into Bear Valley.

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