Washington checking Caboose's vital signs.

"I can check on the whole squad during combat. Keeps me up to date. It doesn't work on you for some reason."
"Yeah...uhm...sure there's a... perfectly, logical, explanation for that."
—Church in Reconstruction: Chapter 10

The BioScan, also known as the BioCom, is a type of armor enhancement that allows soldiers to check the vitals or injuries of their team members in combat. It was first shown in Reconstruction: Chapter 10.


  • Washington: Wash first uses this during Reconstruction to check on Caboose's vital signs and health after being knocked out by the Meta. Wash also mentions that the BioCom doesn't seem to work on Church (due to A.I. not having have biological vitals).
  • Meta: In a deleted scene of Upon Further Review, the Meta uses the BioCom to check on Washington's stats after Sarge and Grif nearly killed him in their attack and after Doc shoots him with an overcharged burst in Recovering One.
  • Carolina: Carolina's BioScan was retrieved from the Space Pirates on Chorus along with some other armor enhancements. Epsilon had his memory of Delta scan the three mercenaries attacking Carolina in Long Time No See, with the results of BioScan revealing that one of the mercs has had knee surgery recently. In Dish Best Served, she used the BioScan to assess Sharkface after dislocating his shoulder. Epsilon then states, that Sharkface has plates and staples all over his body, rendering him nigh-invulnerable.


  • When Washington looks up Caboose's vitals, Caboose's brain activity reads "UNK" (unknown).
  • It's never specified if the BioCom is a specifically assigned ability or is standard equipment for all Freelancers.
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