"Hahaha! I could watch this for hours!"
—Ghanoush about the training footage
"Jesus Christ, how long is this video?"
"Hours, I just fucking said it! Pay attention."
—Ghanoush in Training Daze

Private B.B. Ghanoush is a New Republic rebel soldier first seen in Training Daze.

Role in PlotEdit

In Training Daze, Ghanoush and McCallister help the Reds and Blues train by editing together footage from their training sessions in order to help them strategize for future sessions. However, due to the group's constant failures, Ghanoush, McCallister, the chosen recruits, and other Republic soldiers laugh at the footage.

He was then seen a season later in All or Nothing listening to Kimball's speech.


  • The name B.B. Ghanoush was given to the character by Ray Narvaez, Jr. (voice of his partner McCallister) in reference to the joke names commonly given to characters on the television show MXC. One line required Ghanoush to be called by name, but he had yet to be given one in the script; B.B. Ghanoush was Ray's off-hand suggestion.[1]


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