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Agent Axel, aka Agent Axle, real name Lance, is a character who first appears in Red vs. Blue: Zero. He is described as the "golden boy" and weapons specialist of Shatter Squad. He is a former GLASS Operative, and currently works with the Alliance of Defense with the rest of Shatter Squad. He is voiced by Jeb Aguilar-Kendrick.

Role in Plot[]

Axel acts as a mentor for the younger members of Shatter Squad and helps teach Agents One and East to work together. Axel, however, has a bad past with Zero, the leader of Viper. He seems to have gained Agent Carolina's respect after having a conversation about the members of Shatter Squad's past.

Skills and Abilities[]



Axel is shown to be a formidable opponent. Being the weapon specialist of Shatter Squad, Axel utilizes a vast array of firearms from rifles to pistols to sniper rifles to shotguns. He also possesses some skill with melee weapons.

Axel has also shown skill in hand-to-hand combat being able to hold his own against Agent Zero, though he is ultimately the inferior fighter. However, he has proven himself to be one of the better fighters of Shatter Squad, and is a clever and persistent combatant with years of experience as a veteran soldier. He defeats the training simulations the team participates in with little effort.



  • Axel's original armor consists of a Mark VI GEN1 (Scarred skin) helmet and War Master (Tiberian skin) body armor. His upgraded armor consists of a Mark VI GEN1 (Scarred skin) helmet and Venator (Retiarus skin) body armor.