Red vs. Blue Episode
"Armor Cleaning"
Tucker & Caboose Armor cleaning
Episode no. Unknown
Airdate Unknown
Running time 0:35

Red vs. Blue Season 2
January 3, 2004 - July 11, 2004

  1. Everything Old is New Again
  2. Motion to Adjourn
  3. Red vs. Bleu
  4. The Joy of Toggling
  5. Sweet Ride
  6. Last Words
  7. Nobody Likes You
  8. Nine Tenths of the Law
  9. In Stereo Where Available
  10. Radar Love
  11. I Dream of Meanie
  12. Room for Rent
  13. Me, Myself and You
  14. An Audience of Dumb
  15. Aftermath, Before Biology
  16. What's Mine is Yours
  17. Nut. Doonut.
  18. Dealer Incentive
  19. K.I.T. B.F.F.

Armor Cleaning is the second PSA of Red vs. Blue. It is also the shortest, with a running time of 0:35.


Blue TeamEdit


Tucker explains that there will not be a new video this week (due to the release of the Halo 2 trailer) while Caboose cleans his armor, following the events of Episode 14.


Fade inside the Blue base. Tucker is seen with a picture of Church in the background, Ghost Church is standing in the back of the hall.

Tucker: Hey, this is Tucker here from the Blue Army. Uh, we're not releasing a video this week 'cause, who are we kidding, we can't compete with anything that's related to Halo 2. So take this opportunity to download the new footage, and I'll take this opportunity to clean all this black crap off my armor.

Caboose stands up from behind Tucker.

Caboose: You? I'm the one doing all the polishing here.

Tucker: Caboose, did I tell you to stop? Get back to work.

Caboose kneels down and continues to clean Tucker's armor.

Tucker: See ya next week!

Fade to black

Caboose: What is this stuff...gum?


  • Ghost Church can be seen idling in the back hall of Blue Base through the PSA, although his visibility is much lower than usual.


Armor Cleaning PSA - Red vs

Armor Cleaning PSA - Red vs. Blue Season 1

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