"Ah, so the rumors are true!"
—Apovos' only line in Headshots

Apovos is an Artificial Intelligence and "goddess" of the Cosmic Powers, introduced in The Shisno Paradox. She makes her only appearance in Headshots, summoned by King Atlus Arcadium Rex to Starseeds along with the rest of the Cosmic Powers to discuss the Reds and Blues and their time travel. Nothing else about her is known.


  • Apovos' armor consists of the Engineer helmet and Hellcat Onslaught body armor.
  • Apovos' name may be derived from the goddess Atropos, one of the three Fates of Greek mythology, who presides specifically over inevitable death.
    • The Fates are also a trio of characters affiliated with the Cosmic Powers, though Apovos is not one of them. Interestingly, however, their armor configuration is identical to hers.
    • Her name is also very similar to Chrovos, the creator of the Cosmic Powers.
    • While her name isn't said aloud in The Shisno Paradox, it is listed in the credits.
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