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"I have injured onboard, requesting clearance to dock."
Four Seven Niner to the medical station
"Look, if you try auto docking at that speed, you're going to have a lot more injured on board, Four-Seven."
—Ground Control in Season 9 Trailer

Angel On My Shoulder is a medical station seen in the Season 9 Trailer. It is a civilian medical station on loan to the UNSC.


In the trailer, the station is the place that Pilot Four Seven Niner takes an injured Agent Maine along with Agent Washington and the Director. There, Maine is taken to surgery and it's revealed his injuries were caused by Simulation Troopers. Agent York, with an injured eye, is also seen at the station. Angel On My Shoulder has a zero gravity surgical station, which is likely used for more severe injuries.


  • The map used to portray the hangar of Angel on my Shoulder is the Halo: Reach map "Anchor 9", while the surgery rooms are more reminiscent of "Sword Base".
  • Angel on my Shoulder is apparently big enough that Warthogs are used as a method of transportation.
  • Although shown in the trailerAngel On My Shoulder never appeared in seasons 9 or 10, thus, it's unknown if the location actually exists and can be considered non-canon to the series.[1]
  • Angel On My Shoulder is tied with the Great Swamp to be the location with the least amount of appearances, as both only appear once.

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