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"The ship!? What ship? No-one told me about a ship!"
Andy in You Keep Using That Word

The Alien Ship, once called a "purple plane" by Washington, is an alien aircraft first appearing in You Keep Using That Word.

Role in Plot[]

In Season 4 of Red vs. Blue, the Alien forces Tucker to go on a quest with him, and Caboose, Andy and Tex join as well. The Alien tells them the Great Weapon is the reward for the quest, along with the eternal emancipation of his entire species. In Episode 71 when Tucker finally puts the sword to use, seemingly ending the quest, an Alien Ship is revealed. They learn that the Alien lied to them about the reward as he runs off to the Alien Ship and immediately flies around in it. Turning back on Tucker, Andy, Tex and Caboose shooting a Zealots attempting to sneak behind them. It is shot down immediately after by Wyoming; killing the Alien, destroying the ship, and leading everyone to believe the quest was over.

Carolina leaps off the "purple plane".

A different Alien Ship appears near the end of Season 5 behind the Wyoming clones. It was intended that that was how Wyoming got from his short battle with Agent Washington at the Abandoned Island Fortress in Recovery One to Blood Gulch in Episode 97.

After shooting Wash in the back in Recovery One: Part Four, South escapes from the Meta with an Alien Ship.

Two Alien Ships are seen hanging from the ceiling in the The Sarcophagus, in the possession of the Insurrection. One is destroyed after Agent Carolina places a grenade in it during the fight against Sharkface.


  • An Alien Ship allegedly belonged to the Meta in Recovery One, and was stolen by South to escape.
  • Agent Washington referred to one of the Alien Ships in possession of the Insurrection as a "purple plane".
  • In the Deja View PSA Caboose uses the alien ship to chase down Sarge when he stole the Blue team's flag.

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