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"More like Alexander the Overrated! I mean, who dies of a common cold? He can’t even conquer the sniffles."
Sarge insulting Alex in Walk and Talk

Alex was a historical figure based on Alexander the Great that Sarge recruited to join his elite team to help kill Temple in Red vs. Blue: The Shisno Paradox.

Role in Plot[]

Upon being recruited by Sarge and Simmons, Alex, along with John and George, travels in time with them to kill Temple. However unknown to the rest of them, Caboose already encountered Alex in the past and accidentally sneezes on him, giving him the Common Cold. Because of this, he constantly collapses due to the sickness and ultimately dies, as his immune system wasn't strong enough to battle the time period's modern diseases.


  • Alex's Helmet is the Achilles helmet, which is the hardest helmet to obtain in Halo 5. To get it, you must join a Spartan Company (basically a clan system) and master every clan commendation in the game.
    • Alex's helmet while fitting, is also quite ironic. Mostly due to Alexander being the replacement for Achilles after Sarge failed to recruit him and stabbed him in the foot.
  • Alex's death alludes to both War of the Worlds (where the invaders fall victim to the diseases mankind slowly developed immunity to) and Alexander's own death at just 32 from an unclear disease.
  • The only language Alex can speak is Ancient Macedonian, which is extinct and hardly understood outside of the words inherited by Ancient Greek.

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