Carolina camoflauged
"Hey Burke...where'd you get that helmet?"
Dellario mistaking the Meta for Burke in Reconstruction: Chapter 7

Adaptive Camouflage is an armor enhancement that allows the user to change his/her armor color in order to blend into their environment and surroundings. It was first shown in Reconstruction: Chapter 3.


  • Meta: The Meta first used camouflage when he blends in with the Rat's Nest Blue Team by camouflaging his armor blue before killing them after Washington and Caboose leave. He also uses the armor enhancement to blend in with the Zanzibar Red Team by turning red.
  • Carolina: During Season 9, Carolina used the adaptive camouflaging enhancement twice: in Number One, to blend in with a metal background before she attacked the Insurrection and in The Sarcophagus, to imitate a group of green and grey armored Insurrectionists. It appears that the camouflage enhancement has no real limits to pattern or color, seeing as how Carolina was able to use two very different shades of green. In Season 12, Carolina uses the enhancement in Cloak and Dagger in order to imitate a mercenary from the group commanded by Felix and Locus.
  • Tucker: In Season 13 after obtaining the M374 Hephaestus Combat Suit in The End, Tucker used the adaptive camouflage to turn the armor from white and brown to aqua.


  • Incidentally, Carolina has this ability along with the speed unit, as Tex, an A.I. who was based on her mother, obtained similar enhancements: both Active Camouflage and Adaptive Camouflage allow the user to hide in plain sight while super strength and the speed unit increases the user's physical abilities.
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