Tex Cloaked
"Tex, I thought you were supposed to be good at this stealth stuff."
"I am."
Tex in Uncommunicado

Active Camouflage, also known as Cloaking and Invisibility, is an armor enhancement that allows the user to use an advanced form of cloaking and vanish into their environment. The enhancement is seemingly run by two different A.I.: Tex and Epsilon-Tex.


  • Tex: The enhancement was commonly used by Tex during The Blood Gulch Chronicles, such as when she attacked Red base for the first time and when she fought the Grunts. Unfortunately, she lost her armor enhancement (and herself) to the Meta after her pelican crash landed at Valhalla.
  • Wyoming: During Episode 42, Wyoming was cloaked when he killed the Reds on Sidewinder.
  • Meta: After Tex's pelican crashes in Valhalla, this along with Omega, Gamma, and Tex, were stolen by the Meta, who used the enhancement to kill the remaining soldiers of Valhalla (except Walter Henderson) and later uses this enhancement when he arrives at Command. The Meta regained this ability when he captured Epsilon-Tex in Reunion.
  • Locus: Locus has used the enhancement multiple times throughout his appearances in the Chorus Trilogy. When Locus arrives at the Reds' and Blues' location in Long Live the King, he spies on the group before cloaking himself. He later uses it again in Finders Keepers after he is spotted spying on the Reds and Blues.
  • Federal Army of Chorus: In Ready…Aim…, it's shown that Locus leads many Federal Army soldiers equipped with Active Camo in the battle of Crash Site Bravo. Along with this, in Cloak and Dagger, it's shown some Feds at F.A.C. Outpost 37 had the enhancement as well.
  • Tucker: Tucker is seen using an Active Camo armor enhancement in Hit and Run to infiltrate F.A.C. Outpost 22, although the module is partially damaged.
  • Space Pirates: In Season 12, it's shown that a majority of Space Pirates use Active Camo on missions to eradicate the inhabitants of Chorus.


  • Due to the fact Tex could use Active Camo even after Omega left her in Last One Out, Hit the Lights suggests that she alone ran the enhancement.
  • Active Camo is currently used by more individuals than any other armor enhancement in the series. However, it's not the most used enhancement in terms of (known) characters, as the Helmet Camera is used by at least eight named characters, while Active Camo is only used by five named characters.

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