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"A human settlement before the alien war. Horrible massacre. No survivors."
Simmons explaining the settlement to Caboose in Nightmare on Planet Evil.

This Abandoned Settlement was the site of a massacre before the Great War. Colonized by humans, their remains were still present during the Reds and Blues' visit while they were investigating Church's supposed message.

Role in Plot[]

Sometime after the Great War, the Blues and Reds of Desert Gulch discovered the truth behind their deployment and set out on a course for revenge. To lure the Reds and Blues to their cause, they found a distress signal from Church from his days in Blood Gulch and created several beacons to send the message to them. One of these beacons was placed in the settlement.

The message was picked up by Chorus and was given to Dylan Andrews to deliver to the Reds and Blues. Upon hearing the message, the group set out to find clues and discover the beacons. Assuming they were set up by Church, they split up to find evidence of his whereabouts but instead encounter Spencer Porkensenson, who delivers the news to Tucker that he has child support payments to make.

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