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AI Containment Facility
AI Containment Facility.png
Name: AI Containment Facility
First Appearance: Reconstruction: Chapter 15
Inhabitants: Freelancer A.I. (formerly)
UNSC soldiers
Status: Occupied
"Whoa. What is this place?"
"It's the storage facility for all the A.I.s. The rejects, the bad variants... everything is here. Everything."
—Washington in Reconstruction: Chapter 15

The A.I. Containment Facility is a large high security storage center for Freelancer A.I. It contains every A.I. from the rejects, bad variants, and Epsilon. It has a main corridor and three-dimensional libraries to store A.I.

Role in Plot[]

In Reconstruction: Chapter 15, Washington mentions that other Freelancers aside from himself, have tried to infiltrate the Containment Facility, but failed in the process. In Reconstruction, Washington obtains the aid of the Reds and Blues to enter Command and get the "key", revealed to be Epsilon. In Chapter 16, Washington reveals to Church that the Alpha was tortured to create fragments of itself by Project Freelancer for their agents to use and that Church is the Alpha. They have a brief argument about if it's true or not before they take Epsilon and regroup with the others.


  • The facility is represented by the Halo 3 map, "Epitaph".
  • The A.I. Containment Facility is the first area in the series located within another location (Command).
  • Beside Epsilon, it's unknown what other A.I. fragments were kept in the facility.

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